Getting started

I first met Chris over lunch at Panera during a trip back to New England while visiting a mutual friend. At that time, I was a management consultant dreaming of a building a platform that would help small businesses in Europe and the United States seize opportunities. Even though I could see a clear need for TribalVision, I was not sure how a local outsourced marketing department would help businesses expand geographically. So, I wished Chris good luck and flew back to Belgium with my unsolved riddle. For the three months following that first meeting I kept coming across business owners in desperate need of a Belgian TribalVision. Then one morning it hit me, a TribalVision office in Belgium would not only serve the same local need, but the combination of both offices—in the United States and in Belgium—could enable businesses to seize international opportunities faster than ever before. That same day I emailed Chris. The next day we talked about it over the phone. Two weeks later I flew to Providence to spend a week with Chris. And a month later we opened TribalVision’s Belgium office.

My interests

Entrepreneurship is a very demanding passion. When you combine it with the joy of having the most wonderful family in the world (my twin 4-year old girls, Sasha and Zoé, and my wife Anne) it pretty much doesn’t leave much time for anything else. In an earlier life though—and hopefully again in a not too distant future—you could have seen me competing in a rugby game, playing the guitar (classical and less classical), riding one of the ten sport motorcycles I used to own and getting some fun airborne in an Extra 300 aerobatic plane.

My favorite Project

Most projects I have been involved with would fall in this category. So, I would rather describe what I like the most about those projects. I call them 180s. Those are the types of projects in which the firm gets to reinvent itself, diving deeply into its core identity to craft a new vision. The dynamic that is then set in motion is amazingly exciting. Being part of a firm’s renewal is a blast. I can’t get enough of it.