Getting started

When I first learned about Chris and TribalVision, I was rather surprised. I was stunned by his superior vision – being outsourced marketing department for hire – because of the fact that someone whom I never met had an identical vision to the one I have had for last 15 years!

Chris has been developing his own tribe very successfully by building the strong foundation and helping clients getting the most of their ROI. I, on the other hand, have been making my own way to get it by helping companies around the world as an independent consultant, after I left the traditional marketing setting. When I learned that traditional marketing agencies were not the best way to cultivate a company’s success, I lost my purpose of being there. That was my last experience with work on the agency side, and ever since I’ve been always working on the client side, working as part of the companies’ marketing executive in addition to my job as a faculty member for Emerson College.

As a virtual CMO, I worked directly with my clients by solely focusing on the clients’ best interest, constantly helping them by seizing every opportunity they get to help them grow as company. Because I became part of their marketing executive I got involved in the core decision making process as well as the training of the company’s marketing executives and strategizing long term plans. I also helped them work on the trade show management side for onsite support to be able to better help 360 throughout the projects!

Then I met Chris. I immediately connected with the way TribalVision was going. I felt so strongly about TribalVsion as the partner company to work with to better help companies in the global setting – because they were small enough to be flexible but big enough with unlimited resources and had a strong vision and foundation like big global companies! I know from my experience working with MANY marketing related companies in the marketing field in the past as I help manage the global marketing agencies for my clients but TribalVision is one of the VERY few firms I have seen that puts the clients first. The fast turnaround is amazing, and the atmosphere working as team to produce best outcome is something I give total respect to!

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to work with many large companies around the world that have many resources so I know what it takes to be on top of a world situation. But at the same time, I learned how hard it is for marketers to overcome many challenges and maintain leadership – especially in the fast changing global market, dealing with overwhelming cultural barriers in global setting! Whether it is small or large, we need a group of experts who would really represent the companies in the best possible light in a broader sense. During my years of working with helping companies around the world through training, strategic planning and consulting, I met numerous companies were in need of partners executing the plan into the world. With my strong global perspective and experience that I have built for many years with the strong foundation and capabilities that TribalVision has, I believe that this partnership will create greater synergy which will help create the perfect environment to help companies going global.

The marketing world has been changing on a daily basis now with all the technology available out there. However, I found one thing the same – the availability to be connected is the key to success in the global setting. Even though the technology has changed so much, it is still about creating connection. I am determined to work harder to create bigger connections in the world that we live in.

Favorite project

Every project I get involve, I fall in love so quickly so there is not one specific project I can choose. It’s like choosing between your children! Every project I have is very meaningful – a big global company making a big leap from a cheap image to a high level branding power is rewarding to see and experience but also one person company getting 7 M funding and going global is just as fulfilling.

Because I give everything I have at each project, and know how to motivate myself by giving a purpose to each and everything I do, every project is special in their own way. I know it sounds kind of cheesy, but that is just how it is. Some people call it passion, and other might say being so persistence! No matter what you call it, I just don’t know any other way.


As marketer and communicator, I never knew I would enjoy teaching (at college level) this much, because I enjoy ‘real strategies and execution’. It does not matter how little sleep I have – when I go in to the classroom, my passion and energy come right back to me and I find myself interacting with my students (future marketers and communicators) in the classroom with live and dynamic interactions! I just love it!

Being a faculty member at a prestigious marketing communications school does not only make me feel so excited, but also gives me such a rewarding experience to see students after graduation becoming a part of leading companies as marketers and communicators!.

In addition, helping kids in general, including my own, and challenging them to better help utilizing their full potentials is what I truly enjoy doing. Not only building their intelligence but their soft skills, to be able to work for the future with better team building and leadership skills. After, being able to connect is what really matters no matter where you are going. Without team building and leadership skills based on genuine passion, you are not going to get very far, in my opinion.

For free time, I love reading biographies, which I find so motivating, write my own books, and traveling. If I didn’t become a marketer, I would have been a writer. Someday when I retire, I would be happy to be a full-time writer and traveler (like the guy going everywhere on earth introducing every corner in every country on PBS).