When I graduated from Harvard, I had an open mind in terms of where to begin work in the real world, but knew that I wanted three things: 1) the opportunity to make real impact – on my teams, my company, my clients – and not just be a cog in the wheel; 2) a fast-paced work environment that fostered collaboration and hard work; and 3) the chance to experience and learn about growing companies in across a wide range of industries.

I was surprised by how hard it was to find these in one place – it took many career fairs, interviews, and networking events before I came across a promising TribalVision job posting. After coming into the Boston office to meet some of the team, learning about the company and work, and hearing the passion of my interviewers, it became very clear that TribalVision had everything that I was looking for and more. I could tell TribalVision was the perfect fit for me, and I feel lucky every day to be a part of such a dedicated, caring, and hard-working group.


Being a transplant from Upstate New York living in Boston, I love to wander the city and see the sights, test new restaurants and shops, go to games (though I’ll never cheer for the Red Sox) and more. That being said, my enormous and wonderful family draws me back home often, whether for weddings, the Capone annual camping trip or just weekends of homemade Italian food and card-playing with my mom, siblings and cousins. Wherever I am though, I’m always planning my next new destination. Next up – Peru, where my sister is serving in the Peace Corps!


I’ve enjoyed many, if not most, of the projects my teams at TribalVision have taken on, but one that stands out to me is when my team helped turn around profits for a national jewelry retailer. We built a marketing pro forma to determine the most cost-effective digital channels to drive revenue and double its collector base. We then used our analysis to develop a set of recommendations focused on re-prioritizing the marketing channel mix, and put together the plan for implementing our recommendations – a fun balance of strategy, creative thinking and project management. After putting it all into action, our client saw a 99% increase in topline revenue and 107% increase in transactions in the following quarter.