Getting Started

I’ve worked in different industries before Tribe, and I have to admit the culture here is unmatched in my experience. I could tell right from my first interviews that a team-oriented culture was important to the company. From my first two weeks, I noticed there was no “put you through your paces” kind of attitude present within the company culture. I was able to help influence ideas within the teams I worked in right from the start. I believe this has allowed TribalVision to create an environment where ideas are fluid between ownership, management, and associates. This was something I noticed when I first started and it has left a very good impression on me since.

My Interests

I like blues, rock, FUNK, jam-band kind of music. My favorite bands are: Band of Gypsies, Grateful Dead, JAMES BROWN, Parliament, Toots and the Maythals, and I think you get the point. I play guitar, I sing, I box, and I play golf from time to time. My TV time consists of: Game of Thrones, Boxing, True Detective, House of Cards, and The Walking Dead.

My Favorite Project

It’s hard to pin-point my favorite project so far. I typically tend to enjoy the ones, which require me to do tons of research into marketing channels, platforms, or ideas that I’ve never worked with before. I end up learning a lot in the process, which at the end of the day makes me a better marketer.