Getting Started

I came to TribalVision from a Silicon Valley company. Although California’s tech hub is considered the center of company culture, TribalVision is the best workplace environment I have ever seen or been a part of. Everyone at TribalVision is quick to throw in hand, no one has an ego. While it seems that every office has that one person that sits in the corner and does not like their job, that is not the case here. Everyone loves coming into work. I love working at TribalVision because there are no silos. Everyone is expected to be able to execute every marketing tactic. That means that your daily work is never repetitive and you are always learning new skills. I literally learn something new every day.

My Interests

I’m a huge music fan. On a given day I’ll jam out to Punk, Old School Hip-Hop, Metal, Disco, Kraut Rock, the Grateful Dead, you name it. When there are enough hours in the day I also love to play video games, read Sci-Fi, History and comic books.

My Favorite Project

My second day at TribalVision I started working on a website redesign for one of our clients. Although I had worked with WordPress before, I’m not much of a coder. But our web developer figured out early on that I was excited to learn. I got the chance to help develop a variety of different website elements. Today, I frequently visit the website just to look at the elements I helped develop and think “I did that!”