Getting Started

By the time I came across TribalVision’s job post, I knew what kind of company I wanted to work for: a small, client-centric marketing firm that would expose me to every type of marketing tactic, where I wouldn’t be the SEM campaign manager or the Google AdWords specialist exclusively. Everyone I spoke with during the interview process confirmed that TribalVision was this company, and they praised its emphasis on professional development and collaboration to boot. I was given a diverse project load and real responsibilities on my first day, which coincided with one raging New England blizzard. From home, I made final edits to a company video, prepared for an all-day client Discovery, and basked in the revelation that from the inside TribalVision aligned perfectly with the culture its website and team members described.

My Interests

When I’m not in the office, I’m visiting the latest exhibits at galleries and art museums. Visual art has been a powerful communication tool for centuries. I studied art history in college to learn the roles art played in different cultures and time periods, and now as a marketer I get to work with imagery and video as vehicles for telling company stories.
I consume marketing Podcasts and blogs avidly, applying what I learn to my work at TribalVision. My weekends are filled with reading over cups of tea, baking, bicycle rides and runs along the Charles River. When I visit a new city, my favorite thing to do is take in the architecture during a long afternoon walk that inevitably ends at an ice cream shop.

My Favorite Projects

I’m currently in the early phases of a project with a non-profit client. We’ve just completed a series of Discoveries, or in-depth interviews, with directors and staff at the organization, and I have never been so fired up to achieve a client’s marketing goals. The dedication of each team member to the people he or she serves reinforces my commitment to the account. It motivates me as I complete a competitor analysis and website audit, and each time a recommendation solidifies in my mind, it’s all I can do to stop myself from pumping my fist and saying “BAM!” out loud.