Getting Started

I first heard about TribalVision as a Brown University senior. The company struck me and, frankly, impressed me because of its emphasis on strategic vision and a client-customized focus. During my winter internship at TribalVision, I learned that marketing merely for marketing’s sake is not useful, nor is a marketing strategy that cannot be implemented. I learned every day during my three-week internship, but one of the most important things I discovered was that there is so much more for me to learn to become a better marketing professional. I realized TribalVision is a great place to begin and I joined in July, 2013.

My Interests

I enjoy playing and watching basketball, playing guitar, and reading. I also am interested in data analytics. I love the concept of using data to uncover insight and gain a new perspective. As data becomes more and more ubiquitous in marketing, I know I will be well-positioned to explore this passion further.

My Favorite Project

My favorite project at TribalVision was working in a small team to overhaul a client’s revenue model. The client was struggling to gain new clients and was unprofitable. My team discovered that the client’s revenue strategy was inefficient and difficult to scale. We devised a way to remedy these problems by researching potential new markets for the client and identified the market that, if entered properly, could fit in seamlessly with its goals. The client also had limited capabilities, possessing only a small staff and little capital, so my team devised a market entry strategy and tailored it specifically to fit the client’s capabilities. The project was a challenge, but it was exhilarating to help a client turn its struggling business around, an example of marketing at its best.