Getting Started

TribalVision’s marketing talent got me hook, line, and sinker from the beginning of my job search.

First, it was TribalVision’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising when they dominated the results of my Google searches for marketing firms in the Boston area. Then, it was TribalVision’s website where I could see firsthand their impact on, and strong relationships with, SMB clients. I could also read case studies that provided concrete examples of their practical and innovative approach to helping companies grow, as well as a blog and featured articles about the latest in marketing that showed me I was looking at a true thought leader in the marketing world. Finally, it was TribalVision’s career portal where they had outlined the characteristics of their team members – leaders that are passionate, intelligent, curious, likable – that demonstrated TribalVision’s commitment to working with good people and building a positive culture.

Looking back, it makes complete sense how I fell so hard for TribalVision because I now work to help our clients create the same “falling in love” experience for their customers. And the most beautiful thing about it is – I know that it works.

My Interests

Both inside and outside of working at TribalVision, I love project planning. From creating project plans for our clients to researching weekend trips to explore the beautiful sites of New England – I’m originally from St. Louis and am still amazed all the things one can reach with a few hours of drive – it makes me happy to plot the details of getting from point A to B in the most interesting, effective way. I also love keeping active through being outdoors, as well as being active in the Cambridge community through volunteering or improvisational comedy classes. And certainly not least, I love reading and anything else that will teach me something, be it podcasts or YouTube videos.

Favorite Project

I’ve enjoyed a variety of projects at TribalVision, but I do have two favorites. First, I enjoyed making strategic adjustments to an existing Google AdWords pay-per-click advertising account for an industry-leading waste management provider expanding into new territories. As part of our team’s recommendations, we re-organized campaigns to focus the budget on achieving conversions as well as optimized ad groups, ads, and keywords to improve performance. As a result, we drove 52% more customers to contact them for service year over year during the same time frame.

My other favorite project was putting together a marketing strategy for increasing the student count at a special education day school for students who are medically fragile. I enjoyed the strategic way we approached every aspect of their organization to drive results, from their website to their tour experience for parents to hiring a new outreach coordinator position equipped with an automated customer relationship management system for school district outreach. I also enjoyed getting back to my interests in nonprofits and education since I taught for two years with Teach for America prior to joining TribalVision.