Getting Started

From the moment I first walked into TribalVision’s doors, I was struck by the company’s unassuming, collaborative setting. The culture of the office and the people inside it mirrored that of the Tribal principles on the website. There were teams were brainstorming and bouncing ideas off one another around a table together, as well as individuals focused intently on their computer screens, a mission at hand for their client. You can’t replicate that type of energy. It was honest and real, and unlike any work setting I had ever been in – and I knew from that point on that TribalVision truly was a rare company. Now, even months later, I find myself drawing on those initial intangible experiences – only now I get to live them every day, and really carry the spirit of what it means to work here.

My Interests

Most people are surprised to learn that I’m an avid fan of basketball. Even though I’m from New York, I love the Celtics, and I have many great memories of their last championship team from living in New England over the past several years. I root for a bunch of teams in the NBA and enjoy hosting watch parties with friends, though I can hardly sit still during the last few minutes of a close playoff game. I’m not as familiar with college basketball but I had fun setting up a March Madness bracket for TribalVision (with my friend Nikhil, another basketball fan at TV!).

I also enjoy the usual hobbies that can never be overrated: food and traveling. As a foodie at heart, I love embracing the vibrant food scene in different cities, from Philly to New Orleans. One of the best bites of food I had recently was at a total hole-in-the-wall sandwich shop in NOLA that’s been frequented by politicians and celebrities alike for its world famous po-boys!

My Favorite Projects

A favorite project of mine was getting to design an animated product overview video for one of my clients in the B2B space. It also happened to be one of my first projects at TribalVision. Needless to say, learning how to use the software Prezi was an exciting challenge to throw myself into during my first two months. At the same time, I found myself in familiar waters, as I had the opportunity to design graphics and icons in Photoshop and tie those into the video. As I scripted the storyboard and pieced together each visual element, I felt a real sense of accomplishment in the final product. With this animation, I was able to tell a story that could help make an impact on my client’s business.