Getting Started

I first became aware of TribalVision in 2013, through some mutual professional connections with Chris and Damien. The firm was only a couple years old, but was already scaling rapidly, thanks to its unique model for outsourced marketing. At that time, I was just starting a new job with a global software company in the Boston area, and that quickly came to monopolize my time and energy. Fast-forward to early 2017. A few years in the marketing organization of a publicly traded company had taught me many lessons, and had given me a number of opportunities to grow. But, I found myself yearning for a more entrepreneurial environment, and wanted work that would put me in direct contact with clients. When that door opened with TribalVision, I ran through it, and have loved every minute.

My Interests

I love to learn and experience new things. I travel when I can, I hike and run, and I usually go kayaking a handful of times every summer. I’m handy in the kitchen, and an all-star in the dining room. I’m an avid reader, and a podcast addict. In addition to some comedy and pop culture podcasts, I subscribe to several that deal with business, technology, and marketing. “How I Built This” is a great profile show on entrepreneurs and innovators, as is “Masters of Scale,” hosted by LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman. “Planet Money” and “Freakonomics” uncover all kinds of interesting stories about what goes on behind the scenes in the economy, and the factors driving the decisions that we make every day. The Economist offers a whole spectrum of different podcasts, including their “Doing Business in…” series, which allows me to travel vicariously, as one of their seasoned journalists advises listeners where to eat dinner and how to exchange business cards in Shanghai, Moscow, or Mexico City.

My Favorite Projects

Much of my professional background has been in the B2B space, with tours of duty in healthcare, consulting, and enterprise software. While I still get the opportunity to swim in those familiar waters—with TribalVision’s many manufacturing and professional services clients—I am also getting more of a chance to work with consumer-oriented clients. The thing that intrigues me most about B2C marketing is the fact that you typically have a lot more transactional data and audience profile information to work with; plus, you’re dealing with an individual making decisions that are often driven by impulse or emotion, as opposed to complex business challenges. B2C marketing is not easier, by any means. It’s just more…direct. So, I really enjoy these chances to understand consumer buying behavior, along with the opportunity to learn new approaches via social media, paid search, and other digital channels.