Getting Started

I met Younes, the founder of the Belgium office, over lunch in November 2012. We both worked for the same management consulting firm but had never met as he started just after I had left. A former mutual colleague put us in contact as she thought we shared the same passion of bringing strategy and marketing best practices to small and mid-size companies. And she was correct!

During our lunch, Younes informed me of the added value TribalVision is able to bring to its clients. I immediately understood that the flat fee based compensation structure enables us to always make decisions that benefit the client. If a marketing tactic does not deliver as much benefit or leads as expected, we advise our client to stop and are able to allocate the remaining budget to a more effective channel. The entrepreneurial challenge and the international reach of the company (offices in US and Belgium) reinforced my choice to work for TribalVision.

It then moved very quick. We met on Wednesday, the next Monday I started on my first project and met my first client a week later. It is exactly what I love about working at TribalVision, you are part of a big adventure, which barely gives you time to breathe.

My interests

My personal tribe expanded 6 months ago with the birth of Timothé, my first child. Taking care of my family takes most of my free time but I occasionally still squeeze in a few hours to play badminton, a sport I have enjoyed for nearly 20 years.

My favorite Project

The projects I enjoy the most are the ones we do when we start working for new clients. We first immerge ourselves into the new company and interview a lot of employees to truly understand their industry and history. After this discovery phase, we start researching information on the competitors and new industry trends. Based on our findings, we recommend a marketing strategy to the client. I think this phase is crucial to set realistic targets and prepare a clear plan before jumping into the tactics.