Getting Started

I started as an internal sales intern for TribalVision during my junior year of college. Up until graduation, I worked closely with our CEO in designing and implementing effective sales and marketing outreach campaigns. I now work full-time as a business development and marketing associate, leading a team of interns who continue my outbound sales and marketing efforts. The inspiring leadership, innovative and progressive culture, and philosophy of the “Tribe” is what drew me into becoming part of the TribalVision team. In all my work experience, I have never been part of an organization that places so much value and responsibility on its newest employees.

My Interests

While furthering my professional skill set and education is one passion, I also spend a significant amount of time: composing music, reading, writing, exercising, taking my sister on adventures, and going out with my friends and family. I believe in juggling multiple projects on top of work, so I am currently working on an album and a collection of short stories. Lastly, it’s important to acknowledge my love of coffee. While the taste itself is what hooked me, the infinite conversations, relationships, and inspirations brewed from a cup of coffee are really what earned my affection.

My Favorite Project

Generally speaking, my favorite project is all things TribalVision. Majority of my time is dedicated to marketing and branding TribalVision, which leaves a lot of room for project selection. I love any opportunity to further optimize our current marketing tactics, such as PPC, SEO, or Social Media advertising. Additionally, I love spearheading brand new initiatives, which leave me to fully educate myself before implementation.