Getting Started

TribalVision’s business approach is what initially drew me in. In my previous work experience I did not have the opportunity to be in the trenches and measure how my work affected end-results. TribalVision has allowed me to further develop as a strategist, and most importantly see how my efforts have an immediate impact on my clients’ businesses. I have really enjoyed working side-by-side with partners and executing strategies that my team develops.

My Interests

Traveling is one of my biggest passions. I had the opportunity to travel throughout Europe while studying abroad in France, and I have been hooked ever since! I relish the thrill of being somewhere completely new and navigating my way through. I am endlessly curious about different cultures and experiencing the way people live in other parts of the world. I have been to 4 out of 7 continents, and Asia is next on my bucket list!

My Favorite Project

My favorite project so far has been executing email campaigns for a non-profit client. Not only was I able to learn a new platform while working on this project, but the fruits of my labor have increased the number of donations received! It is truly rewarding being able to use my marketing skills to help a great non-profit organization with an amazing cause.