When I found TribalVision, it seemed exactly what I wanted for starting my career: a passionate, energetic company where everyone knew each other and had fun. I knew that I would hit the ground running, and experience all aspects of marketing while working for all sorts of clients. TribalVision is strongly committed to its mission and values, and focused on providing the best results for clients.


I absolutely love books, to the point that reading is like breathing to me. My favorite genre is fantasy and science fiction, and I am a huge Harry Potter and Game of Thrones nerd (the movies and TV show are great, but for me, books always trump visual media). Some other favorite authors include Neil Gaiman, Garth Nix, Diana Wynne Jones, and J. R. R. Tolkien. I also love dancing, exploring new cafes and brunch spots, taking photographs and editing with VSCO, watching Korean dramas, and playing Overwatch in my free time.


Although I’ve loved experiencing all the different aspects of marketing, my passion definitely lies in asset creation. The most fun I’ve had was when I was creating wireframes and frameworks for assets such as brochures, sellsheets, websites, and animated videos. This creative process allows me to really dig deep and become an expert on my clients, while also getting to directly have a hand in creating customer-facing materials.