When I graduated from Brown, I knew I wanted to work for a company with soul. I came from an active background in grassroots non-profit work that required hands-on learning, unwavering commitment to forward-thinking ideas, and a need for tangible impact. That’s exactly what I found at TribalVision. From the minute, I walked into the interview room, I felt the enthusiastic energy and dedication from the team members. I saw their pride when they spoke of the company’s continued growth and their part in it. I heard stories of their exciting day-to-day; exploring new industries, tackling new challenges, driving real results. And I wanted to be a part of it. So I took the job, and I have loved the ride since.


My entire life, I have been in constant motion. My family made sure we went somewhere new every single year. Our first big trip was moving from Cuba to the United States. Since then, we’ve gone on road trips from Florida to Canada, traveled to Europe and to India, toured Mexico and the Caribbean—and there’s still so much to see! My favorite feeling in the world is standing at my front door, packed up and heading for adventure. Near or far, it doesn’t matter where I am going for it to be thrilling. I love seeing things from a different perspective, experiencing culture and history first-hand, and meeting new people along the way. It’s what I live for.

When I’m not on the move, I like curling up with a strong cup of coffee, a good book, and my dog.


I remember early on when I first started my career at TribalVision, we had a new client that was looking to redefine their brand identity. It was a local college that wanted to improve the way they communicated with their community and prospective students. Our team’s approach was to first conduct an in-depth survey of the various target audiences and compile data-backed insights about their preferences. These insights were then used to develop comprehensive brand messaging that better positioned the college to recruit new students and donors. The project was exciting because it married analytics and creativity—and that’s what I love the most about my job.