Getting Started

I remember meeting with Chris at his first ‘office’—a Borders Bookstore. We had worked together for years, and after a yearlong hiatus, Chris called and asked me to meet him for a coffee. I knew he had been working on a new business concept, but I didn’t know the specifics other than that he was really excited and wanted me to be part of it. After hearing about his concept—to become a company’s outsourced marketing department for hire—and learning of the name TribalVision he had come up with, I knew he was on to something.

From then on, we spent hours refining the business plan, building out the business model, and creating content—all while ingesting far too much caffeine. Each Thursday, we would discuss the prior week’s accomplishments and what we would tackle next. Finally, after months of planning, it was time to open our doors for business. In October 2011, we secured our first client and shortly after that I made the jump to TribalVision full-time. Since then, I haven’t looked back and truly enjoyed building an amazing team and accomplishing incredible things with them every day.

My Interests

My interests in the office include helping our tribe of employees challenge themselves and accomplish their professional goals. Outside of the office, I enjoy spending time with my wife and family as well as conquering the outdoors both on water and on land. As an avid kayaker, mountain biker, golfer, and hiker there is rarely a weekend I am not on the move. Reading the latest marketing books and biographies of the great people that came before me serve as great escapes from the typical hustle and bustle.

My Favorite Project

While it is difficult to choose a favorite project, one does stand out. The project involves a local manufacturer whose business had plateaued over the past several years with little future growth in sight. He had contacted TribalVision to help craft and implement a marketing plan that could help free his business from this stagnation. After fully immersing ourselves in his business (a six week process), we crafted a plan that extended far beyond traditional marketing speak. After implementing the recommended strategy, he accomplished some amazing things, including; securing and filling a warehouse six times the size of its original space, quadrupling his staff, and recognizing record annual revenue by June of that year. While the accomplishments were certainly fulfilling, what was most gratifying was knowing I had helped a local businessman recognize his vision while playing a small part in enabling an entrepreneur to continue living out his life’s passion.