Getting Started

I started at TribalVision when we were just five people in a small room. I came from a background in strategy consulting and had excellent support from the other team members to help me apply those skills to our client base. I learned through extensive and exciting hands-on project work where I was given autonomy to explore and succeed on my own, while still having full access to mentorship from the more senior team members when I needed it.

Since starting in that small room, I’ve had the opportunity to help define the direction of the company as we grew into a larger office, hired more team members, and expanded to new locations. It’s been an amazing process to help shape and define the future of TribalVision. However, throughout all the growth, I don’t feel like we’ve lost any of the small company feel that brought me here in the first place.

My Interests

I’m a huge nerd. I’ve always loved technology and try to keep up with the latest-and-greatest as much as possible. You’ll realize the full extent of my nerdiness if you ever catch me running around Boston in my super stylish* barefoot** shoes. During my downtime I’m usually scouring the Internet to find some hilarious*** video to send out to the rest of the team.

*Not stylish at all

**Also not technically barefoot

***Usually not that funny

My Favorite Project

We helped a Rhode Island jewelry manufacturer partner up with one of the world’s largest jewelry distributors to launch an innovative new product. It was incredibly rewarding to know that the sales materials and financial projections I generated had a direct impact on the formation of that partnership—an agreement that could add drastically to our client’s revenues in the next few years. We then stayed on to become an extended part of their marketing team, seeing our vision for the product launch to the finish line. Being such a trusted and valued member of our client’s team and helping change their growth trajectory is what makes this job so exciting.