Getting Started

My first day at TribalVision began by waking up early and working all day in my pajamas – never getting up from the table (not even to eat, which is unheard of if you know me). There was a sense of urgency and a passion within me to build something different. I had a concept in my head built up over years of marketing letdowns, and I spent the day writing down the ideas I had for redefining a marketing model that I felt was tired and broken. I hadn’t yet figured out a name (TribalVision would appear several months later), and all I knew was that this company was going to be built fully around the client experience. That night I called a close friend and read off all of the concepts that would form the building blocks of a redefined marketing model. I asked if I were crazy. And with his reassurance, TribalVision was born.

My Interests

My interests include playing Battleship at Dave & Busters, getting behind the wheel of a go-cart, taking batting practice in a batting cage and relearning my multiplication tables. Yes, I am a father of two boys—Jack and Shane—and a proud one at that! Outside of work, spending time with my boys fills up my days and makes my life feel complete. When talking business, I always refer to three tribes (employee, partner, client), but really I have four—it’s my personal tribe that I am by far the most proud of.