My initial meeting with Chris was an opportunity to learn more about TribalVision and the core values on which the firm was founded. Having done my research, I already knew that I wanted to be a part of the unique client-centric culture, and so I approached our meeting as an interview.

A couple weeks later I began interning in the afternoons while working full-time in the mornings. The days were long but well worth it, and I actually felt more energized since I was so passionate about the work and purpose behind it.
Now that I’m officially part of the TribalVision team, I’ve been asked, “Do you like it as much as you thought you would?” The work, the people and the culture—it’s all exceeded my expectations.

MY INTERESTS The power they have, the meanings behind them, the thoughts they express and the emotions they elicit. So much of marketing—and life—comes down to the words we choose and how we use them. When I’m not drooling over units of language, I’m probably sweating while kickboxing or discovering other challenging ways to push my body to new limits: summiting Mount Washington, running a 10-mile race or tearing my ACL when jogging onto the soccer field. Oh, yes. You read correctly: jogging onto the soccer field.

If my voice sounds hoarse on a Monday during football season, then there’s a good chance that I strained my vocal chords beyond their means (not unlike my dearly departed ACL) during a Patriots game. What do you expect? I’m a native Rhode Islandah.

Beyond all the words, sweat, sports injuries and professional sporting events is what makes me smile the most in this world: my family. My idea of a “Ladies Night” is playing dress up and staying in with my 3 nieces: Skylar, Taylor and Taryn. I have two older sisters who double as my closest friends, parents who tell me they’re proud, and a dog—Bruschi—who loves me unconditionally every time I walk in the door. I am truly one blessed and thankful individual.


I was in Boston for a client meeting, sitting with the team and discussing goals, timelines, strategies and tactics. In the midst of this brainstorming session, I paused to silently take it all in—specifically the notable energy level. I could feel the adrenaline pumping through me and sensed that same excitement within all of us. I remember thinking, “I love this.”

I’m part of a team that—collectively—has the knowledge, discipline, talent and expertise to recognize a client’s potential and eliminate the gap between where the firm is and where it needs to be. We anticipate client needs and satisfy them before they’re realized. We don’t strive to meet client expectations. We work tirelessly to exceed them.

That’s why I do what I do and love doing it.