Getting Started

When I first found out about TribalVision I was really excited about the opportunity to make real contributions right away and to work with a variety of clients on many different types of projects. I wanted to get my hands dirty and learn a lot. But what really sold me was TribalVision’s work ethic and commitment to doing the best we can for our clients. That culture is palpable here, and it’s a joy to work with so many passionate and dedicated people everyday.

My Interests

I studied ecology and botany in college, and I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time in beautiful and remote places doing odd things like catching butterflies, measuring trees, and dissecting flowers. But I also spent a lot of time poring over pages of data in Excel to find patterns and answer questions. Now I get to use my passion for research and analytics to learn about human behavior and help businesses wield those insights to grow.

In my free time I love watching TV, reading books, going to art museums, and attempting to sing and dance like Beyoncé.

My Favorite Project

My favorite project so far has been developing the marketing strategy for a client that is starting a whole new branch of their business. We’re helping with everything from creating their brand to fine-tuning their sales tactics. Everyone is energized and excited to be building something from the ground up.