Getting Started

When I first discovered TribalVision, I began to follow the company on LinkedIn. As I learned more about how unique TribalVision is, I knew I wanted to pursue a career with the company. TribalVision’s principles, mission, and commitment to their clients really resonated and inspired me to apply for a position as a Marketing Associate. When I came in for my interview I was instantly struck by the energy and excitement in the office. Everybody was so passionate, warm and driven, and I instantly knew that I had found my people. In my previous jobs, I have never experienced a company culture quite like this, and now I’m lucky enough to say that I am excited to go to work every day!

My Interests

I try to stay as active as possible, am an avid runner, and love spin and boxing. I always try to sign up for a few races throughout the year to stay motivated, and this year I completed my first Spartan race in Fenway Park. I love all things sports related, and as a University of Georgia alum, I am a proud Georgia Dawg through and through. I also have a background in photography so I try to make time for that when I can. 

My Favorite Projects

Since starting at TribalVision, I have been exposed to so many different projects and marketing tactics that is really hard to choose a favorite. I enjoy thinking outside of the box and creating large scale strategies that will hopefully have a direct impact on clients. However, I also enjoy getting my hands dirty and implementing the strategies, from website audits to launching digital campaigns. I was also recently able to work on a video shoot for a client as a side project and that was an absolute blast! I could probably go on and on here, so I will just say that if I’m able to think creatively, then I’m happy!