Getting Started

Since I was 13 years-old I knew that I wanted to be in marketing. I have always had an interest in marketing campaigns and how a simple powerful ad or press release can change the course of an entire company. But I also searched for something else: passion. When I walked through the doors of TribalVision I immediately knew I had found the drive and commitment I had been looking for in an employer. My conversations with Chris, Damien, and the rest of the team only solidified this impression. Never once did anyone talk about themselves but rather focused on the team and most importantly the clients. TribalVision is truly a unique firm with a variety of personalities and backgrounds but one common goal- to provide clients with cohesive effective marketing solutions.

My Interests

Outside the realm of marketing, I am most interested in theatre and music. I love buying a new album and listening to it over and over. Each time I notice something new and different that prompts another play. Rhode Island is also a great state for live theatre. There are a variety of theatres throughout the state all which have their own personality. Experiencing the same play in different ways is always a pleasurable past-time.